How It Works

How KirayePer Works

Borrower Flow

Following are the Steps to borrow a product or Service

Step 1:

Once you are on platform of you can find product or service of your need by

  1. Searching your product directly with name and location
  2. Browsing Categories which fits your need
  3. By Viewing Listings available

Step 2:

Once you find the product or Service of your requirement Click on Show Phone Number to Contact the Renter. If you have not Created Login yet system will ask you to login to view the contact details of renter.

Step 3:

Create Account by registering or Login if you are already registered. If you are already logged In system will display number directly.

Step 4:

Once you have renter / Lender account information you can contact renter directly by his cell number or email address. It is renter right he want to rent out his service or product to you, has no restriction onto renter about this.

Renter and Borrower can set meeting / interview to discuss the terms if phone call is not satisfy.

Step 5:

Once the Dealing is confirmed and renting terms are finalized between both parties they can do the transaction and exchange goods or servies.

Step 6:

Once Borrower has got the product or service and it is time of maturity date and goods are returned without any damage or problem. Borrower can give it review and feedback for that lender and also give ratings based on his service or goods quality.

Renter Flow