KIRAYEPER.COM is going to be Pakistan’s largest rental ads site with millions of listings to borrow in a wide range of categories - cars, housing, services, dresses and everything in between. Our target is to upload two new products every second! We’re proud to provide a platform that connects peoples, helping them to borrow great items near them and on very very low rent, make money off unused possessions cluttering up houses, and help the country waste less.

We launched KIRAYEPER.COM with the idea to offer Pakistani's a fun and easy way in the same area to Borrow, Lend, trade their services, and even help each other with goods, cars, services or housing. 

Our Ambition:

KIRAYEPER.COM want to be world’s fastest-growing free classified rental marketplaces, serving millions of people every month.

We want to empower people to upgrade their lives. Our products and services make the borrowing of goods and services easy and convenient for everyone. This benefits local communities and beyond, getting one step closer to a world without waste. 

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to empower people to upgrade their lives by renting their unused items and their skilled services.

Our Platform:

KIRAYEPER.COM is the platform where not only digital freelancers can put their services rather it has vast range of categories for those who are not aware of technology, they can offer their services to capture larger set of community, Barbars, Plumber, Electrictions, Drivers, Gardenars, Cooks, House Maids and many many more.

Other than services this plateform provide everyone a vast range of categories to giveaway thier product on rentaly basis as per hour/per day/per month/per service/per word. This platform is to make everyones life easy by saving money for those items to purchase which they need once or twice as Bridal Dresses, Tents for outing, DSLR to perform photography, Cars to move arround. 

We are proud to be different ...... and we work differently too.

We combine the spirit and agility of a startup with the strong backing of 

We improvise, experiment and listen to our customers. 

سب کچھ لے لو KirayePer سب کچھ لاگا دو